Nothing Comes Close


Trailer Construction

Under the floor of all our trailers we use a 4" x 2" I Beam as cross members. These are placed at 16" centers the entire length of the trailer. These cross members add significant strength to your trailer.

Hard to believe, but there are some trailer manufactures that have NO cross members under their trailers. Huge cost saving in the manufacturing, but NOT AN OPTION here.

A trailer that is being insulated. All our lined trailers are fully insulated using polystyrene. This product is one of the best insulators available. When you think about that HOT cup of coffee in the thin.

In this picture you can see the size of our rear door frame beam which is used on all of our trailers. This door frame, which runs entirely around the rear door, is made of our extruded aluminum rear post product, which measures 5" x 2". This extrusion is recessed on one edge, which allows us to make our doors and/or ramps close flush, and is the area that our molded door seals rest against.

You can also see in this picture our extruded aluminum main rail. (at the bottom of the walls) This main rail is a massive 11 inches deep, giving our trailers superior longitudinal strength. This rail is very similar in size to that found on 53' tractor trailer vans. Do you think it is strong enough???

In the center of this picture, running top to bottom, you can see our 2" x 9"" extruded aluminum front post, which is located at the goose neck step up area. The typical size used by other manufacturers of this very important structural beam is 2" x 6". This area of ALL goose neck trailers is the point most stressed. This 2" x 9" beam, combined with our 11" main rail, makes our trailers significantly more structurally sound compared to many other trailers on the market today.

Wall frame of a typical living quarters trailer. The window is the dinette window. Again, all our walls are constructed of 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" aluminum tubing, with posts every 16". We fully frame out every window, and around the Air conditioner. We even utilize double posts when we have doorways side by side.

This picture shows the wall structure in the front neck area of our goose neck trailers.
ALL our walls are manufactured from 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" aluminum tubing. As the neck area is an important part of the overall structural integrity of the trailer, we have engineered our wall frame to withstand the rigors of the worst our roads have to offer. You will notice thst there are 6 diagonal braces incorporated into our wall frames. These braces significantly increase the strength of our walls. I urge you to compare our wall framing to other trailers on the market. Very few will.

All our trailers have the axles securely mounted to a structural steel frame. This frame is constructed by our experienced fabricators, and then has not one, but two coats of rubberized underbody product applied. This coating is the same material used underneath your motor vehicle, which protects the steel from the elements. This frame is then secured to our aluminum trailer structure using 3/8" HUCK BOLTS. These bolts are very similar as to what you will find in the chassis of all tractor trailer chassis. One the axle frame is fixed to the aluminum trailer structure, our axles are bolted in place using grade 8 high tensile 5/8" diameter bolts. Some may say this is an "overdo" but here at SCTrailers we do not. Axle security is paramount to the safety of not only our customers, but indeed all road users.

All our goose neck trailers utilize our engineer designed "hidden" neck coupler. This system has the entire structural steel frame of the hitch incorporated into the floor of the goose neck area. This gives you at least 5" more clearance between the sides of your truck bed and the trailer, compared to the commonly used method, virtually eliminating he possibility of damage to your truck bed when negotiating rough terrain. In this picture you can also see HUCK BOLTS in the main rail. These hold our structural steel, powder coated, coupler frame in place. Unlike many other trailer manufacturers, our steel frame extends all the way to the 2" x9" front posts. By doing this, we increase the strength significantly in the most stressed point of any goose neck trailer.