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10 years

SCTrailers extends a (10) ten year (2 year for commercial use), from date of original purchase, warranty on the main frame and super structure of the trailer, consisting of the bottom rail, floor cross members, wall posts and roof corner extrusion to be free from defective materials and/or workmanship. This 10 year warranty does not cover floors, running gear or axles.

SCTrailers  hold their value. And now with our transferrable** warranty, your choice of trailer  is a smarter and more secure one.

2 years

SCTrailers, in partnership with our Living Quarters company OUTBACK CUSTOMS, warrant the entire LQ conversion, except were to original equipment manufacturer’s warranty for such component exceeds 2 years, in which case the vendor warranty will apply.

1 year

SCTrailers  extends , for a period of (1) one year, all other parts of the trailer manufactured and installed by us will be free from defective materials and/or workmanship. All component parts manufactured or supplied to us by a vendor such as axles, jacks, floors or any other materials, are warranted for one year except where the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty for such component is greater than one year., in which case the vendor warranty will apply.

This warranty does not cover defects caused by;

  1. A) Equipment or parts that are not factory installed.
  2. B) Any part of trailer that has been altered, modified or repaired by anyone other than SCTrailers.
  3. C) Any trailer that has been abused, neglected, misused, overloaded or made to perform beyond the normal use which the trailer was manufactured for.
  4. D) Although all trailers are fully caulked, there is no guarantee that the trailer will not leak.

SCTrailers  will remedy defects covered by this warranty provided we are notified within 30 days of occurrence, at our factory or authorized SCT dealership. If you are not located near our facility or a SCT dealer, we may warrant repair work done by a local trailer repair facility, with prior approval. SCTrailers is not liable for damage to contents of trailer, transportation, towing, or storage charges, loss of time or income.

There are some states that do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or incidental damages or warranty limitations as applied. Warranty rights may vary from state to state.


** Transferable warranty is available only on a trailer with remaining warranty that is traded in for a new SCTrailers at an authorized SCT dealer and is resold by the authorized  dealer. See dealer for details