Rumber Flooring Information

RumberLogoRumber flooring is impervious to water and

has a limited 20 year warranty for horse and

livestock trailer applications. It also serves as a

cushioning surface for livestock, giving them a

firmer footing and minimizing the risk of injury. In

addition, Rumber’s cushioned texture reduces

the physiologic stress on joints and soft tissue,

noticeably reducing the fatigue associated with


With unprecedented durability and attributes

that clearly out-perform traditional materials,

Rumber® increases the value and life of the

trailer. The result is less downtime, fewer

replacement costs and extended life for

stock trailers.



Rumber® Materials Inc. manufactures

a wide variety of strong and highly durable

products from 100% recycled tire rubber

and plastics. Exceptional strength, durability,

versatility, increased safety and features that

result in less down-time, fewer replacement

costs, and extended life for Rumber products

make Rumber the environmentally-friendly and

cost-effective choice.


Rumber Flooring for Horse/Livestock Trailers

RumberLogoHorse/Livestock Trailer Flooring


• Horse/livestock trailer flooring
• Sheets for stall dividers
• Horse trailer wall liners
• Ramp boards
• Brush trays, saddle racks and hook racks

A cleat board option offers an additional choice for:
• Trailer flooring
• Equipment trailer dove-tails
• Floors for loading and handling chutes for livestock
•Alleyway floors in livestock handling systems

Benefits and Features

• Will not rot, crack, splinter
• Serves as a cushioning surface
• Reduces stress on joints and soft tissue
• Easy to clean
• UV and water resistant
• Extremely tough and durable
• Most cost effective option over time
• Cleat boards improve traction for livestock during loading
and unloading
• Cleat boards also stabilize livestock and reduce shifting of
load when starting and stopping trailer

“A trailer with Rumber® flooring gets the horse to its
destination in a more comfortable, fresher condition.”
—Ruth Sobeck, D.V.M.