New Trailer Cleaning Products

Now offering the following items to our customers:

  • Aluminum Brightener-Cleans and brightens bare aluminum. Works on horse trailers, Pontoons, tanks, wheels, boats, trucks, and all bare aluminum.¬† $36 per gallon


  • OxiX-The newest technology for protecting all metals from oxidation and rust, even those that have already rusted. Great for keeping trailers looking new for years. Stops animal urine and manure from penetrating and corroding aluminum floors. Last for years. Use as a stand alone sealer or as a primer that can be painted over. Stops creep back! $60 per gallon


  • Black Streak Remover– Removes stains and cleans painted and coated surfaces. Removes black streaks, tree and plant sap, paint oxidation and much more. Works on RV’s, boats, trailers, gutters, siding, and all hard coated surfaces. $36 per gallon