About Us

SCTrailers was established in October 2013. But do not be fooled. This business has been around for a long time. In 1975 Jim Arndt commenced manufacturing ARNDT TRAILERS in Dillsburg Pennsylvania. Originally steel trailers, Jim evolved to FRP built trailers, and by the late 1980’s aluminum trailers. By 1994 Jim was ready for retirement. Jim sold ARNDT TRAILERS to long time employees Roy and Linda Collins. Now known as COLLIN-ARNDT TRAILERS, Roy & Linda continued to grow and develop new ideas into their trailers. Unfortunately, the 2008 crash in the economy hit hard. Roy & Linda were left with the tough decision and sold their business to friend and businessman Terry Shetron. Thus the brand name SHETRON was born. In 2009 Terry recruited the services of his friend & neighbor, Michael Cox. Michael, an Australian who built his first trailer “down under” in 1982, with extensive engineering, welding and machining background, introduced many innovative and cost saving ideas, that has seen SHETRON become a force once again in the quality trailer marketplace. With Terry Shetron’s other business interests growing rapidly, Terry had little time to devote to the trailer manufacturing, and by late 2013 Terry had decided that it was time for him to step aside, and let Michael Cox and his wife, Julie, purchase the trailer manufacturing business. This sale was finalized by October 2013, and Michael & Julie relocated the business from Pennsylvania to Salisbury, North Carolina. Long time employees and direct family members of both Jim Arndt and Roy & Linda Collins, Rick Fishel and Clint Collins had no hesitation in relocating to Salisbury. These two long time employees, along with Michael & Julie and the entire staff, have begun the next chapter. With an aggressive business plan that will see new dealers established in key areas throughout the USA, and exports to Australia, the future looks bright. After all, nothing outlasts quality, and SCTrailers is nothing but quality.